As a freshman intern, walking into Ernst & Young was very apprehensive as I had no prior knowledge of the department I was working for. After a quick greet and meet with the manager and my to be staff for the next months, the manager asked me what and how much I knew of Transfer Pricing (Department I was interning with). With all honesty I said, “Nothing”. This was the beginning of my internship over the summer of 2017 with one of the biggest financial firms in the world.

The next couple days I spent reading books, reports and many other client based documents to get a hang of what went on in that office and how I can contribute most to it. After grasping most of it, I dived into the action with my team and I can proudly say that until the day I left that office, I was no intern but an integral dependable part of my staff. I demonstrated skills of honesty, time management and punctuality.

I also worked as an Office Assistant for a year with my university, it included sitting at the front desk and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for the residents at all times. I would be more than willing to share my witty stories of the time as an Office Assistant.