Department of Finance & Control, Treasury Intern- Nestlé (Summer 2018)

FMCG (Fast moving consumer goods) companies sell goods that are quickly sold and at a relatively low price. Nestlé is currently the biggest FMCG in the world, and I was honored to intern with one of their most prized department- Finance and Control. I was working on one of the favorite projects of the CFO which was integrating UPI’s (Unified Payment Interface) in the Indian economy. Nestlé was doing this to make their payment collections from distributors more easy and fluid. Cash in the Indian economy is already a huge problem for the government to track, to deal with the cash problem the government already demonetized the economy. But for a better future, now the private sector is also moving to a non-cash collections system to make it easier to account for every single penny. The internship had me sit in the office for hours learning about UPI’s and its scope, I was also sent in the field to visit markets in order to get a feel of the business that Nestlé does on the ground. It was a long and tiring 6 weeks, but the joy of learning and successful implementations made the grind easy.

Department of Audit & Tax, Transfer Pricing Intern- Ernst & Young (Summer 2017)

Having an internship with one of the big 4 accounting firms in the world was truly an honor. As a freshman, admittedly my knowledge of professionalism and economics was very limited. But maybe learning made my internship a more memorable experience. I was working with the department of “Transfer Pricing”, which deals with the pricing of goods or services that the same company offers to its other subsidiaries. To my astonishment, this department is of paramount importance as it maintains the integrity of trade in companies. For example, let us assume a multinational corporation, Coke. Coke Tokyo wants to trade with Coke New York, Transfer pricing makes sure that the pricing of the products of the same company are that of the market and the company does not sell it for cheaper to increase their margins. Thus, a very interesting department. I always thought that working in something Tax related would be the worst, but fortunately Ernst & Young proved otherwise.

Housing Department, Office Assistant- The Ohio State University

Helping students and higher-level Student Life Housing staff in resolving resident issues. Along with ensuring the front desk area – including hall lobbies and public spaces – are well decorated and clean to provide a home-like atmosphere for fellow students. Reporting to the Resident Manager and Hall Director in Morrison Tower and Residence on 10th. Considered the best job on campus, and truly was.